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Meditation Buddha Amoghasiddhi and His counterpart Green Tara have the wisdom quality of All-accomplishing Wisdom. In this music Of Fearlessness his hand gesture is represented as a mantra - His Gesture Of Fearlessness. This is heard  81 times throughout. The main melody in section 2 of Amoghasiddhi is transformed into an always repeating ostinato in Of Fearlessness. A third musical layer represents the ground of being.

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The Brass Whisperer

Part of a group of compositions for each of the five Meditation Buddhas. Amoghasiddhi has bar lengths of five beats (section one) and nine beats (sections two and three), wherein the use of nine beats corresponds to the symbol of Amoghasiddhi (Buddha of All-accomplishing Wisdom) sitting on a throne with nine lotus petals, whilst five relates to the number of syllables in his name.
Music for solo horn and 8 accompanying horns written in 1999 to celebrate the great Buddha of All-accomplishing Wisdom.
Just intonation including some 19th harmonics.
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  1. Amoghasiddhi


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Celebrating Locana, the Meditation Buddha of Mirror-like Wisdom in feminine aspect. A simple melody using the 4th of the South Indian melakartas is played by cello accompanied by flute, violin and horn. Horn plays the melody, starting higher in the scale, for Verse 2. Violin plays the melody, higher again in the scale, for Verse 3. Flute plays the melody, higher again in the scale, this time each play their melodies concurrently for a rhapsodic Verse 4. When performed live a free-time section is played as an aural mandala with each musician at the four cardinal points surrounding the audience.

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